Business Transformation Coaching and or Life Transformation Coaching Support Service

We are here to support you on your fast track to success

We are thrilled to share with you our exclusive life and or business transformation coaching program. Experience a nonjudgmental, compassionate, accountability coaching approach. We are your greatest cheerleader and supporter that are there to cheer you on to the finishing line in the achievement of your professional or career goals and or the accomplishment of a successful personal life.

Take advantage of our DISC self-awareness online assessments that are available to you to support the achievement of your goals. The DISC self-awareness online assessments offer insights into the unconscious behaviors that are derailing us from reaching our goals timeline. With these insights, you are better able to leverage your strengths, weaknesses, fears, and blind spots to secure your victory.

In addition to the profound and valuable insights available from the DISC self-awareness online assessments. We have available interactive and engaging skills development training to help you improve your relationships, financial situation and or provide mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical healing support on your journey to a fulfilling, happy, abundant life that we would feel blessed to be part of.

What to expect

Clients: for business transformation and or life transformation success.
Budget: accountability frequency is flexible to meet your financial needs and goals achievement timeline.
VIP Day: experience an initial 2.5-hour introductory session for victory planning.
Schedule: receive monthly 1 or more 60- minute sessions via phone, virtual, and/or in-person, according to needs.
Additional support: DISC self-awareness assessments and personalized skills development training to expedite victory.

Contact Athena to schedule your free evaluation session.

Business or life Coaching

What’s available to you in your coaching sessions:

Gain Self-awareness and clarity: identify your patterns, blindspots, innate strengths, and weakness with our assessment tools to include Disc personality, lifestyle health assessment, Emotional intelligence, Motivators, wheel of life, and more to obtain self-awareness that increases motivation and inspired action.

Develop a clear plan of action: with our weekly and monthly goal sheet roadmap that includes, desired goals and emotional outcome, timeline, obstacles, solutions, tasks, and rewards to provide a clear path to success.

Customized skills development training: choose from a variety of personal development training programs to overcome your challenges and get past your blind spots to set you up for success.

Accountability support and resources: In our online coaching sessions we hold you accountable to stay on course. We cheer you on and discuss your wins as well as areas to implement course correction to overcome your unique challenges to reach your goals.

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.
Franklin D. Roosevelt