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Hawaii Heart Communication Skills

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Self-awareness is the precursor to change

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Hawaii Most Popular DISC Behavioral Self-assessments

 What makes DISC Personality Self-assessment so popular?

DISC is a quick and easy way to learn about yourself. In just 10-15 minutes, you can get a personalized description of your personality style. DISC Behavioral Technology empowers leaders and employees with profound self-awareness. This invaluable insight enables more effective communication, better teamwork, and reduced conflicts. Harness the power of DISC to unlock personal and professional growth today

                                        What does DISC Mean?

DISC is an acronym that stands for four personality styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Each letter represents a different aspect of a person's personality. Dominance is about how assertive and results-oriented someone is, Influence is about how outgoing and sociable someone is, Steadiness is about how patient and stable someone is, and Conscientiousness is about how organized and detail-oriented someone is. By understanding your DISC style, you can learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and how to communicate with others effectively. 

D)ominance of Problems, (I)nfluence of People, (S)teadiness of Pace, or (C)onscientiousness of Procedures (DISC)

DISC reveals how a person will most likely behave within a given environment, situation, or relationship.

    career attributes

DISC – Personalities Styles Behavior

Discover your true self with DISC Personality Self-Assessment and unlock the keys to better communication, stronger relationships, and personal growth Elevate your potential with DISC Personality Self-Assessment—a cutting-edge behavioral technology that empowers you to understand yourself and others, leading to enhanced relationships and success.  It's the most popular test that can help us sell better, form better teams, choose new employees, and develop great leaders.
social intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) – Identify Emotional IQ Styles

The Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) assessment is a tool that helps people understand how their emotions affect their interactions with others. By taking the assessment, individuals can improve their decision-making, leadership, and ability to read the emotions of others. It's a great tool for improving oneself and achieving better results in the workplace. The good news is that EIQ can be improved with practice and coaching, making it a valuable tool for personal growth.
Learning Styles, academic success

Learning Styles – Identify Learning Styles

Our Learning Styles assessment identifies the best way for individuals to learn and remember new information. Some people prefer text, while others need pictures or visual aids. Some learners work better alone, while others prefer group work. Knowing your learning style helps improve training efficiency, enlighten management teams, and create successful teams.

 sales and negotiation   communication skills

Sales IQ Plus

Our Sales IQ Plus skills test is an award-winning tool that measures a professional's understanding of sales strategies needed to win and keep clients. The test includes 48 questions, randomly selected from a pool of over 100 questions, making it a unique experience each time it's taken. Re-administering the test helps track and identify strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots within a sales team, allowing for continuous improvement.

Leadership awareness, 360 leadership    communication capabilities

DISC 360 Leadership Assessment

The Leadership Effectiveness 360 is a tool that evaluates your leadership skills to help you understand your strengths and areas you need to improve in. The DISC 360 assessment enables you to see yourself from other people's perspectives, helping you create a plan to enhance your leadership abilities. It also serves as a benchmark to measure your progress as you continue to develop your leadership skills.

Our Treasured Clients:

Ambient Rentals

My sister and I have been business partners for about 5 years, and we desperately needed support to elevate and improve our working relationship and growing company. As a family business, effective communication is crucial, and we were searching for guidance from someone who understands the unique demands of entrepreneurship and small business dynamics.

We found Hawaii Heart Communication Skills online, scheduled an initial consultation, and booked their services right away - what a relief! They exceeded our expectations. For several months now, we've enjoyed working with Arlene and her team, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for as long as they'll have us.The services we've utilized, including DISC Assessments to identify our learning and communication styles, Effective Communication training, Leadership Development, Money Management, and Stress Management coaching, have been invaluable. Navigating life, business, and financial matters is a rollercoaster, even when thriving, whether alone or with a team.

With Hawaii Heart Communication Skills and Arlene, you receive authentic, intuitive, and effective support tailored to your time and needs consistently. Their approach is flexible and adaptable, ensuring a personalized experience.Thank you, Hawaii Heart Communication Skills! Arlene, you are amazing! Mahalo!"

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