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Hawaii Heart Communication Skills

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DISC Assessment and disc training

Data-Driven DISC Personality Assessments

  1. Gain profound self-awareness through comprehensive DISC profiles
  2. Identify your unique communication style and motivations
  3. Leverage personal strengths for growth and success
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Results-Oriented DISC Leadership Training

  1. Develop an inspirational leadership approach tailored to your style
  2. Master influential communication techniques for motivating teams
  3. Foster a culture of innovation, accountability, and engagement
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Stress Management Training

  1. Cultivate resilience and emotional intelligence for work-life balance
  2.  Implement practical strategies for managing stress and overwhelm
  3. Enhance productivity and overall well-being
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High-Performance Coaching

  1. Unlock your full potential with personalized one-on-one coaching
  2. Develop a growth mindset and visionary thinking approach
  3. Implement actionable plans for sustainable success and impact

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DiSC Mastery: Achieving Success through Personality Dynamics

As the team embraced their unique DiSC styles, they learned to appreciate each other's contributions and leverage their strengths. They recognized that their combined efforts were greater than the sum of their individual talents.

With David's leadership, Samantha's networking prowess, Michael's calming presence, and Emily's meticulousness, the team achieved remarkable success. They secured major contracts, won industry awards, and consistently exceeded their targets. Their harmonious collaboration and ability to adapt to each other's styles made them an unstoppable force in the corporate world.

The story of these four colleagues serves as a testament to the power of understanding and embracing DiSC personality styles in the workplace. By recognizing the strengths and value that each style brings to the table, they created a harmonious and highly successful team that left a lasting mark on their industry.
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 Unlock Peak Team Performance with the Proven DISC Model

Unlock your full potential with our comprehensive leadership development training. Walk away equipped with a personalized DISC personality profile report, providing profound insights into your unique communication style and motivations. Gain a competitive edge with an adaptability assessment and team conflict resolution reports, empowering you to navigate challenges with emotional intelligence. 

Out interactive training sessions equip you with a leadership goals worksheet and a rules of engagement cheat sheet, ensuring you hit the ground running. Plus, an e-workbook and resolution cheat sheet provide continuous support, reinforcing the strategies for sustained success. 

Invest in this transformative experience and emerge as an inspirational leader, driving peak performance and fostering a culture of innovation.

Chart Your Path to Leadership Mastery

DISC self assessment, training and development

Unlock Your Potential for Advancement

For the go-getters who value directness and results, this training provides a no-nonsense approach to honing your leadership abilities. You'll learn to leverage your natural drive and decisiveness to inspire teams, drive change, and achieve ambitious goals through proven strategies that resonate with your direct communication style.

DISC Model Training,Communication Skills Training, High-Performance Coaching

Build Connections That Drive Success

Calling all charismatic influencers! Unlock your full potential with this engaging training designed to amplify your natural people skills. You'll discover how to captivate audiences, build stronger connections, and motivate others through your enthusiasm and persuasive communication abilities. Get ready to leave a lasting impression.

DISC Personality Assessment, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development Programs

Building Collaborative Relationships

For the dependable team players seeking to enhance their supportive roles, this training offers invaluable insights. You'll learn to leverage your empathetic nature, active listening skills, and ability to build rapport to foster collaboration, provide exceptional service, and create a harmonious work environment that brings out the best in others.

Emotional Intelligence Training ,Team Building Training, Conflict Resolution Training

Elevating Your Analytical Mindset

Attention if detail is your forte, then this training will sharpen your analytical edge. You'll gain practical strategies to leverage your logical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and high standards to drive process improvements, ensure quality, and make data-driven decisions that contribute to organizational success.

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Adaptability Training:

  • Thrive in Change: Master the art of adaptation to excel in today's dynamic world.
  • Flexible Leadership: Develop the skills to lead in any situation, fostering innovation and resilience.
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Personalized Leadership:

  • Lead with Precision:Understand your team's strengths for more effective leadership.
  • Empower Your Leadership: Leverage the DISC framework to lead confidently and achieve results.
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Performance Coaching

  • Master influential communication techniques for motivating teams
  • Implement actionable strategies for sustainable growth and success
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Ignite Student Success

  • Master techniques for effective classroom management and student engagement
  • Leverage educational technology to enhance learning experiences

Elevate Your Leadership Potential: Pick Your Package

Unlock the power of cognitive diversity and adaptability within your team. Choose from expedited assessments, intensive workshops, or immersive retreats tailored to your team's unique dynamics, fostering collaboration, conflict resolution, and sustained high performance.

Invest in your leadership development and experience a transformative journey tailored to your specific goals and growth areas. Emerge as a confident, impactful leader equipped to inspire, innovate, and drive sustainable success.

These packages offer a range of options for leadership training, from expedited one-hour sessions to intensive one-day workshops and immersive two-day retreats, catering to different budgets, time constraints, and development needs.
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Accelerated Leadership Boost - 

1-Hour Expedited Training

  1. Personalized DISC Leadership Assessment and Debrief 
  2. High-Impact Communication for Motivating Teams 
  3. Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness Strategies 

Email - info@hawaiiHCS.com

Phone - (808) 636-7086

Team Adaptability Training -

Flexible Options

  1. 1-Hour Expedited Team Dynamics Assessment 
  2. 1-Day Intensive Team Building Workshop 
  3.  2-Day Immersive Team Retreat 

Email - info@hawaiiHCS.com

Phone - (808) 636-7086

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Fast-Track Leadership Mastery 

1-Day Intensive Workshop

  1.  Everything in the Accelerated Leadership Boost, plus: Everything in the Accelerated Leadership Boost, plus: 
  2. Adapting Your Leadership Approach to Diverse Teams
  3. Developing a Growth Mindset and Visionary Thinking
  4. Leading Through Change and Conflict Resolution
  5. Building High-Performing, Innovative Teams
  6. Event Planning Option Available

Email - info@hawaiiHCS.com

Phone - (808) 636-7086

Immersive Leadership Retreat - 

2-Day Transformative Experience

  1. Everything in the Fast-Track Leadership Mastery, plus: 
  2. Executive Presence and Influential Communication Mastery
  3. Strategic Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Intensive
  4. Creating a Culture of Accountability and Engagement
  5. Personalized Leadership Coaching and Action Planning
  6. Event Planning Option Available

Email - info@hawaiiHCS.com

Phone - (808) 636-7086

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Unlock the Solution

The DISC model is a powerful, research-backed tool for understanding workplace behavior and communication styles. Extensively studied and validated over 40 years by Wiley, this respected publisher of scientific assessments identifies four primary behavioral styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. It provides invaluable insights into recognizing and adapting to different communication preferences.Our DISC Leadership Development Training leverages robust DISC assessments to measure an individual's unique style blend. Going beyond mere identification, our personalized profiles offer actionable strategies for:

  • Enhancing self-awareness of leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Adapting communication approaches to motivate diverse teams
  • Navigating conflicts constructively using emotional intelligence
  • Building cohesive, high-performing teams that leverage diversity

Validated by over 40 years of research and developed by workplace experts, our program equips leaders with comprehensive skills to drive impactful communication, resolve conflicts effectively, and unlock their team's full potential.

Upcoming Leadership Development Training

Achieve your desired outcomes such as hiring the right employees, decreasing turnover, forming high-performing teams, reducing stress and conflicts, boosting productivity and sales, and enhancing customer service with our tailored and interactive DISC training and reports. Our program provides a detailed action plan for resolving conflicts and creating a successful team of effective communicators.

People Skills Training Methods 

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DISC Self-assessment

Self-awareness the precursor to sustainable change

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Persuasive Communication

Effective Communication leads to loyalty & productivity

Hawaii Stress Reduction Strategies, Hawaii Stress Management Training, Hawaii health and wellbeing training

Stress Management

Stress management reduce sick leave usage & absences 

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Implementation Coach

Unlock Your Full Potential with Our Expert Implementation Coaching.

1st Month
2nd Month
3rd Month
1st Month
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Our Corporate Trainers Program

The Complete Trainer Bootcamp Classroom Training Mastery Course Details:

Assess training needs through consultation with employers, managers, or instructors.

Design and create training presentations, online learning modules, and course materials.

Deliver training to individuals and businesses using a variety of instructional techniques.

Deliver survey and feedback form for continued improvements.

Perform administrative tasks such as monitoring costs, scheduling classes, setting up systems and equipment, and coordinating enrollment.

2nd Month

The Complete Trainer Bootcamp Classroom Training Mastery Course Details:

The Complete Trainer Bootcamp Classroom Training Mastery Course Details:

·  Assess training needs through consultation with employers, managers, or instructors.

·  Design and create training presentations, online learning modules, and course materials.

·  Deliver training to individuals and businesses using a variety of instructional techniques.

·  Deliver survey and feedback form for continued improvements.

·  Perform administrative tasks such as monitoring costs, scheduling classes, setting up systems and equipment, and coordinating enrollment.


Narmadha Neelagandan - Designer

3rd Month

Corporate Business Development Time to Launch!

We want your business to succeed, and we are here to help make that happen. Our team provides guidance and support to get your business up and running smoothly, and to help it grow into a thriving success. We can help with all aspects of your business, including business start-up, marketing and sales using Artificial Intelligence, business finance, strategic planning, and operations. Whatever your needs and goals are, we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Leadership Implementation Coaching

Accelerated Leadership Coaching is a program that helps you achieve success quickly. Our coaching program focuses on leadership and offers customized attention to help you reach your goals. We provide you with a goal worksheet to track your progress and keep you accountable. In summary, our Accelerated Executive Coaching program is designed to help you achieve massive results in a short amount of time by providing personalized attention and powerful resources to help you become an effective leader.