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Hawaii Heart Communication Skills

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Achieve your goals of improving the hiring process, reducing employee turnover, assembling top-performing teams, reducing conflict and stress, increasing productivity and sales, and improving customer service with our personalized and interactive DISC training and reports. Our step-by-step action plan for conflict resolution and team-building will help you create a productive and efficient team of persuasive communicators. You can optimize your "communication environment" for better outcomes and profitability. Contact us now to get started!

Leadership Development

DISC Persuasive Communication Skills

Discover strategies and tools to improve yourself by maximizing your strengths, recognizing and improving upon your limitations. With this knowledge, you can quickly and accurately understand and communicate with others, reducing conflicts and building stronger relationships. These invaluable skills will help you become a better version of yourself.

    professional competency

DiSC Emotional Intelligence

Improve your personal and professional life with our Emotional Intelligence course that teaches you how to recognize and respond appropriately to different emotions. This skill can boost your performance, strengthen relationships, and improve teamwork. The benefits of mastering Emotional Intelligence are vast. Our course will help you understand your emotions and behaviors, giving you the tools to choose how you think, feel, and act in any situation.

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DISC Leadership Development

If you want to build a top-performing team, it's important to make sure the members have compatible skills and traits. Our DISC Leadership development course can help train managers to understand their own natural behavioral tendencies and identify their employees' observable behaviors. This can help managers adapt their leadership style to optimize the employees' work style and build a more effective team. With this course, you can build a team with optimal skills and traits that work well together.

sales closing, selling tips, sales and negotiation

DISC Sales Closing

Equip your sales team with powerful behavior profiling skills to identify observable behaviors that can benefit your organization. Our training will empower them to adapt their selling style to fit the customer's buying style, resulting in more successful sales. Improve your team's communication and behavior profiling skills to reap countless dividends.

Effective Communication Skills and Leadership skills

Time Management Training

In today's world, there's so much to do, but only 24 hours in a day. Everyone, whether successful or not, has the same amount of time. The key to success lies in how you make use of your daily 24 hours. Good time management has always been crucial, and this course will teach you useful strategies and tools to help you manage your time effectively. With these skills, you'll be able to achieve more in less time and get closer to your goals.

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Professional Development
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Upcoming Leadership Development Training

Achieve your desired outcomes such as hiring the right employees, decreasing turnover, forming high-performing teams, reducing stress and conflicts, boosting productivity and sales, and enhancing customer service with our tailored and interactive DISC training and reports. Our program provides a detailed action plan for resolving conflicts and creating a successful team of effective communicators.

Accelerated Executive Coaching

Accelerated Executive Coaching is a program that helps you achieve success quickly. Our coaching program focuses on leadership and offers customized attention to help you reach your goals. We provide you with a goal worksheet to track your progress and keep you accountable. In summary, our Accelerated Executive Coaching program is designed to help you achieve massive results in a short amount of time by providing personalized attention and powerful resources to help you become an effective leader.

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